Jebe Noyan along with ¬†Subodai Bahadur Noyan were two of the Mongol ‘Hounds of War.’ They were Mongol military generals and between 1221-1224 they participated in an epic reconnaissance excursion. The two generals would come to capture the Georgian kingdom in c. 1223 and make it the first European vassal state. Vassal states are states that are subordinate to another state.

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Jebe and Subodai wanted to see what lay north beyond the Caspian Sea. The pair asked the  khuriltai, which was the official council that was usually summoned to make major decisions such as whether to go to war, if they could continue their journey. Georgia had a highly skilled professional army. The army had developed from having to constantly defend their territory from the various Turkic and Muslim armies that tried to penetrate.

The Georgian professional army did not scare the well seasoned generals. Jebe led the Mongols on the attack while Subodai’s troops stayed back. They charged the Georgian military force and then fled. The Georgians got excited by the prospect of the fleeing Mongols and chased after them. What the Georgian army did not realize was that this was a Mongol military tactic known as the Dog Fight strategy. The Georgian unit chased the Mongols out far enough for Subodai’s army to move in behind the Georgian army to then surround them. The Georgian army was completely destroyed due to this tactical move. The Georgians were just one stop on a long probing campaign that included the defeat of the Alans in the Caucasus, Cuman, and the Rus on the River Kalka.